“Expectations” is a funny business. Everyone expects from you but they want you to have no expectations from them. Mostly because they have no idea what they really want or make them happy, as they never paused for a moment to think about why we do something. We never stop and ask the most basic questions or question the most basic acts. Such as why is it that we need to believe in presence of a God, or why do we need someone else to be there out in the universe. Why do we need to study? Most people when asked these questions have the same answer “Well,, I don’t know…Everyone does it so I guess it is important…I guess”. And the funny thing is that they get mad or irritated because they don’t want to even know.

These small things or questions or beliefs, whatever you want to call them will make no change in the short run but it’s these small things that accumulate in the long run for something big. For example one man started with the belief that we the “Human Species” are the greatest gift that this planet could have got. But now this belief has become the belief of the masses. No one understands that. Just because we know how to think and make decisions we do not become the greatest species of this planet. And it certainly does not give us the freedom to use things, as and how we feel necessary. We fail to realize that just the ability to think and make decisions is not enough. As our lovely superhero’s uncle Ben said in the movie Spider-man “With great power comes great responsibility”, so if we feel that we are greatest or smartest or the most powerful species, than we need to act like one. Take responsibility, be selfless and help the other less fortunate because from my view point we seem to be the weakest or the most unfortunate species. We have forgotten what love is or what living means. We are just a selfish species which will in turn take all the other species with us to the graves.

We use things like there is no tomorrow. Thinking about tomorrow, most of the people talk about saving it for the next generation when it comes to sustainability, but as it looks like, we do not need to go so far to the next generation. It is quite simply possible that the end would come in our times itself. You know, I would say if not for our next generation, at-least for ourselves we should try and make better choices.  You never know, maybe we like being selfless and the feeling that follows. I mean doing something in return for anything is what all religions talk about isn’t it ??? And what better example than the nature who actually shows you or leads the way on how to actually do it. I mean look at it, it gives and gives and gives endlessly, without getting anything in return.

I know that many of you would be thinking that complaining is easy but going in there is much more difficult and that’s why I include myself in the list. Trust me it is because of this that it took me so long to write this down and still there are many things that I do which require change but we need to start somewhere, sometime and it needs to be soon because the present however nice and easy and comfortable it looks will lead somewhere equally uncomfortable. We will have no chance to even think about changing then.

In the end I would say don’t change your ways on anybody else’s account do it if you can feel the need for it. If you can think that the same result could be achieved by doing something that adds to the society rather than that takes away from it. And don’t hesitate even if it’s a small thing because one small thing from you might motivate other to do something big. Moreover as explained in the end of the movie “Evan Almighty” by God (Morgan Freeman) to Evan (Steve Carell) a small gesture fro you could be life changing for others. Which is what the full form of “ARK” was according to the “God” an Act of Random Kindness. Also the best part of the movie for me.


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